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The best rapper alive. Probably the most underrated rapper to come up since he's from the south, and created the term bling bling. Youngest member of the Cash Money camp who first appeared on B.G.'s "True Story" album in 1993.

At the age of 24 he has put out more quality material than pretty much any rapper at his age, and is set to release "Tha Carter III" this year, which is the most anticipated album of 2007 as listed by XXL.

Also getting hated on by nearly everyone who posted a definition on urbandictionary.com

Works include:
Tha Block is Hot
Lights Out
500 Degreez
Tha Carter
Tha Carter II
Tha Carter III (Coming in 2007)
Get it how u live (Hot Boys)
Guerilla Warefare (Hot Boys)
Let Em Burn (Hot Boys)
Like Father, Like Son (with Birdman)
Sqad Up mixtapes 1-6 the remix
Dedication 1 & 2
Da Drought 1, 2, & 3 (out soon)
Tha Prefix
Tha Suffix
Lil Weezyana Vol. 1
Young Money Vol 1 & 2
Blow: The I Can't Feel My Face Prequel (with Juelz Santana)
Tha W. Carter Collection 1 & 2
The Color of Money (w/Curren$y)
Tha Carter Files
The Greatest Rapper Alive 1 & 2
None Higher: We Got the Remix

Anyone who has listened to the evolution of Lil Wayne will know that he truly is the best rapper alive right now... his work ethic is unparralled in the rap game.
Knowledgable rap fan: "Lil Wayne's released more hot material at the age of 24 than most artists in their whole career... how can he not be the best?"
Hater: "He's ugly... that's wack"
KRF: smh...
by Young Money Mike March 26, 2007

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