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An exaggerated fear of people of African descent.

Or, an intolerance or aversion for people of African descent.

Common negative stereotypes:

Thugs: aggressive, hostile, angry, loud, uses vulgar profanity, and physically violent.

Lazy/Slovenly: On government assistance, and reside in housing projects, always look disheveled, or are very ostentatious when it comes to clothing and shoes.

Promiscuous: Having children out of wed-lock, very sexual, prone to having more abortion.

Family breakdown: Refusing to marry, men never support their children, or going in and out of jail.

Mental: Unintelligent, can't speak proper English, ignorant, and naive.

Another trait of blackaphobia is a fear of African features such as an Afro which is commonly associated with a political agenda (black panthers of '60s America.) Some people of African ancestry have claimed that African hairstyles (Afros, TWAs, shaven, dreads, puff, braids ect.,) have been called unprofessional in corporate America which are dominated by people with non-ethnic hair and may feel uncomfortable/unsympathetic and may use that as an excuse not to hire people with African ancestry. Even if the style isn't loud, flamboyant, or if these are the only styles their hair can endure in it's natural state.

Lastly, Blackaphobia also attributes to a fear of African culture (dance, food, i.e. Africans eat bugs, & clothing) and history, (West African Kingdoms, the fact that "The Dark Ages" only apply to Europe). People infected with Blackaphobia have a mindset that only Europe had kingdoms/cities, literature, did scientific research, explored the world, and discovered just about everything. In fact, many African countries already were writing before certain European countries. They also had Kingdoms/cities, explored (moors came to Spain), research, discovered, and had their own culture which were/are preserved by Griots. (Similar to the Geisha).


All these stereotypes are largely promoted by the media or a failure of black leadership.

Blackaphobia can also be caused by non-blacks refusal to reach out and find out about the people of African ancestry's social conditions, history, culture ect.,. This can lead to living in a "box" (ignorance) not knowing what to say to people of African descent (socialize), and being scared of subjects of a different culture for no reason than because you've never seen it before. Also, it could lead to the thought that one's culture is superior to another.


Expose children to positive examples of people of African descent and their culture/History (use toys, instruments, movies, and books.) Exposure to people with different skin, facial features, hair texture (don't forget to debunk myths, legends, and stereotypes), will help your child(ren) be familiar to people who don't look like them, to appreciate them, and to socialize with them as well.
Ex 1: Asian Man: Look, a black guy, hold on to your purse.

Asian Woman: That's really blackaphobic. You know, not every black man is going to rob you on the street corner. Get over yourself.

Ex 2: White CEO Man to Black Woman with TWA: Ma'am I'm sorry but you hair is inappropriate for the work place, would you mind getting a perm, your hair makes people uncomfortable, and you'll look a lot prettier (or normal.)

Black Woman (under breath): Blackaphobic prick.

Ex 3: Black Man: White are always scared of black people Do they really think that the majority of use act this way?

Black Woman: They're also scared of anything black related, It's called Blackaphobia.
by Yoshi3329 September 04, 2009
Some one who goes to school with no specific reason in mind or goal. Someone who likes going to school. Someone who never wants to graduate.

These people know the ins and outs of everything that has to do with college and may have been in school for several years for whatever reason (children, leisure, ect.)

Professional students know when the deadline to adding/dropping class, all about financial aid, how to get books half price and are the go to people for newbies.
Newbie student: My financial aid isn't do this and that!

Professional student: If you go to the website fill out this form, and return it here you should get your financial add

Newbie student: Thanks!
by Yoshi3329 April 24, 2010
Alternate spelling of "boo boo."

Bew bew and be used affectionately or in a derogatory way depending on the tone and context.
In an affectionate way:
Person 1: Hey I'm home!
Person 2: Hey bew bew, I've missed you!

In a derogatory way:

Person 1: These are my earring designs!
Person 2: You are not the original maker of those earrings bew bew!
by Yoshi3329 August 28, 2011
The RT in "RT Thread" are acronyms for "Random Thoughts."

Usually common in forums.
Person 1: I hate the RT thread.
Person 2: Why?
Person 1: Too much drama.
by Yoshi3329 September 05, 2010

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