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4 definitions by Yo Mamma1

The Pimp'nest town on Long Island

Though predominantly wealthy and Jewish, other ethnicities and eco-social classes do exist...somewhere...Roslyn is home to one of the highest achieving school districts in the country, but at the same time the only school district in the world, not completely stoned out of their heads that could possibly loose $11,000,000 with out noticing it for ten flipping years...

Roslyn has a bunch of social cliques including JAPs, Preps, Jocks, Punks, Skaters, and the notorious FSP-WWSYSAs or Flipping Scary People Who Will Stab Your Sorry Ass, lol

This past Football season, the Roslyn team made it to the playoffs for the first time in 30 years, GOO BULLDOGS :-P

Our other sports teams are reasonably good and usually make it pretty far each season.

Roslyn is also known for having the hottest gals on the island, aren’t we lucky ;)

Sorry if I missed anything…
Roslyn is an awesome place to live even though every one bitches about it...
by Yo Mamma1 January 31, 2006
a combination of sure and yea commonly used by cool kids named Sam Vitello. Ment to show that a question is stupid and obviouse.
Person 1: Hey, i found a video of Linsey Lohan giveing herself a spong bath, want me to send it to you?

Person 2: sh'yea!
by Yo Mamma1 January 22, 2006
A way of asserting superiority over others
Person 1: What'd u get on that test that every one in the class but u failed?

Person 2: 100%!!! Get down and suck it BOYYY!!!
by Yo Mamma1 January 30, 2006
A combination of the words: crap and poop used when you are trying to tell somebody that you do not feel well. Coop is used when you are not bullshitting for the purpose of a) not going to school b) ditching the clingy girlfriend or c) any other circumstance where you might try to convey a false sense of illness. Coop is used when you feel so shitty that you cannot decide on whether you want to say that you feel like “crap” the more gentle “poop” and end up slurring the words together, into coop.
Dude#1: Yo man, wanna hit up the mall later??

Dude#2:....dude....i dont feel to hot...feel like...coop...

Dude#1: o man, sorry, you must really feel shitty, u cant even get your words strate!
by Yo Mamma1 August 30, 2006