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A specific style of metal music with a gloomy atmosphere and slow-tempoed instrument playing. Many consider Candlemass' "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus" to be one of the first doom metal albums.
Person #1 "Let's listen to Linkin Park in your car, yo!"

Person #2 "We'll listen to Candlemass, and if you interrupt the music at any time I will be forced to stop at Guitar Center and stab you in the eye with the headstock of a Jackson soloist model."
by Yngiwe Malmsteen November 11, 2003
A style of electric guitar shaped like the letter "V" that is commonly used in various types of metal music.
"I will stab you with my Jackson flying V if you interrupt this Yngwie solo one more time!"
by Yngiwe Malmsteen November 11, 2003
1.) To shred madly and technically on a Fender stratocaster.
2.) A phrase to be used in case a "bitch" passanger on an airplane spills a glass of water on you out of spite, because she overheard your negative comments on homosexuals and disagreed.
"Joo've uleashed the fockin' fury... Joooo've unleashed the FOCKIN' FURY!"
by Yngiwe Malmsteen November 11, 2003
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