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A person whom is not of african descent, but deeply embraces black culture. This person is so enfatuated with the culture that they are said to have a degree in the studies of black folk, blackology if you will. Degrees of blackology range from a GED to a PhD. One earns a GED by observing the black culture, yet not quite being accepted by african americans. A bachelors requires further study at which the ologist gains some acceptance from the black community. A masters is obtained by countless years of study. For one to have a masters in blackology, that person most likely grew up with a good amount of exposure to black people. A PhD in blackology signifies the highest degree of achievement. This person is almost always one to come from a childhood filled with black interactions though there are a few exceptions. A female ologist with a PhD will usually have a fat ass or big lips to go along with their knowledge of black culture. A male blackologist with a PhD can be seen with gang related attire inclusive of a red rag hanging from one back pocket, and a blue flag hanging from the other. This is known as "set tripping" and violence most certainly ensues. This is an extreme case and makes the male PhD very rare. A blackologist can be male or female. They can occasionally, if not always be seen with a person or group of black people. These folks just want to be down. Tell tale signs on a female (black)ologist are velour sweatpants, hoop earrings, baby phat/apple bottom jeans, and a mean sneaker game inclusive of jordans and/or air force 1's. A female ologist is usually pretty good at dancing as well. Signs for a male ologist include, but are not limited to diamond earrings, fitted baseball caps, a ceasar haircut with a line-up or temple fade,and fresh kicks(timberlands,jordans ,forces, etc.).
-some celebrity ologists are:
Bill Clinton-PhD
Justin Timberlake-Masters
Gwen Stefani-Masters
Jason Williams-Masters
Kevin Federline-GED
Marshall Mathers(Eminem)-PhD
Mark Wahlberg-Bachelors
Britney Spears-Bachelors
Julia Stiles-Bachelors
Hispanic Derivatives:
Christina Aguilera-Bachelors
Jennifer Lopez-PhD
Michelle Rodriguez-Bachelors
"Yo that white girl Amy is always checking out the brothas. plus she got hoop earrings. She's a straight blackologist yo."
by Yezzur January 30, 2007

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