1 definition by Ye Ole Shoppe

When a person has slapped in either taken to large of a dip, or smoked to many cigs at once. This causes the body to refuse the large amounts of Nicotine/Tobacco in a violent and Histaricle spray show of puke. Once the Victim has tossed their cookies they has no choice, but immiediately leave the premasses. To Elliminate Further Embarrasment..... But not before tossing i another lipper.
(Gerv Puts Massive Tobacco dip in)
Katie: " Gerv are you okay"
Gerv: (vomits everywhere)
Tyler:"AWWWWHH!! Gerv Just browned out!"
Geoff:" Thats the first peson ive seen Brown out!"
by Ye Ole Shoppe November 02, 2010

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