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2 definitions by Yashar Bahman

A text that you swear you got. Either by feeling the vibration on your leg, or hearing your tone, or in the worst of cases both. But when you check your phone you are left feeling cheated.

A texting miscarriage.
Guy 1: "Dude, let's do something"
Guy 2: "I texted those girls I met yesterday, I think they just responded. Let me see what they said... Oh nevermind, it was a phantom text..."
Guy 1: "stfu man, nobody likes you."
by Yashar bahman August 06, 2009
"to make a sandwish" is an expression for giving condolences.

if thats the case, im gonna send you my condolences by making a sandwish
by Yashar Bahman January 30, 2008