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World Wildlife Fags. Also known as the Worldwide Fags for Nature. A company commonly known for claiming to be an entirely non-profit organisation dedicated to saving the environment and the animals that live in it;

These are the World Wildlife Fags. A company that is actually an entirely profit-based organisation dedicated to ignoring the environment and the animals that live in it so they can keep the real animals alive - commonly known as the Domesticated Fat Cat.
1. "The World Wildlife Fags are suing a wrestling company now - I guess those Fat Cats are getting hungry!"

2. "The World Wildlife Fags only care about money, they don't care about anything else."
by Yari Wildheart September 26, 2004
1. The typical Sony fanboy; stems from the word "automaton". Sontomatons are typically completely moronic and know absolutely nothing about gaming. They absolutely refuse to believe that playable games exist on non-Sony platforms; They sometimes try to deny the existence of non-Sony platforms.
by Yari Wildheart October 14, 2003
1. Goldust Fan.
by Yari Wildheart October 15, 2003

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