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1. In the United Kingdom, it's slang word for "speed freak".

2. In the United States, it's a slang word used to describe someone who likes to tinker on automobile engines, a car engine enthusiast.

3. The first speed metal/thrash band, formed in England in 1975. They were the first band to combine heavy metal with the attitude and speedy velocity of punk rock. They sound a lot like Chuck Berry at warp speed.
1. Larry from Glouchester pops speed tablets 3 times a day. He is what the Brits call a "motorhead".

2. I read an article in the Columbus Dispatch newspaper one time that detailed people in Japan who like to fix up and tinker on the engines of American model cars. They were referred to as Japanese motorheads.

3. Motorhead puts on a very entertaining show, but because I saw them in a club they gave the LOUDEST show I've ever been to. After the show I got a bass pick used by Lemmy Kilmeister. You had to shout and scream in order to have a conversation as we all left the club. I had a ringing in ears that lasted for 3 days. Still, the gig was excellent. When it comes to speed metal, these guys did it first. They should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
by Yankee Doodle Dawg August 06, 2007
That is a chant people sing between verses of the hit song from the 60s, "Mony Mony". Billy Idol covered the song and took it to #1 in 1987. The chant varies with geography.
I was in the Hard Rock Cafe in Montreal. Everybody was speaking French, I couldn't understand a word anybody was saying. Then, Billy Idol's version of Mony Mony was played by the DJ and within seconds the dance floor was packed. Billy sang "Here she comes down singing "Mony Mony" and the crowd sang the Canadian Mony Mony chant "Hey motherfucker, get laid, get fucked" in ENGLISH! Unbelievable.
by Yankee Doodle Dawg August 05, 2007
Roxy Music is a great British rock'n'roll band that is classified as glam rock and proto-punk. On the same wavelength as that other great inspiration for punk rock and New Wave, David Bowie. Successful mostly in the UK, but inspired musicians all over the globe. Singer/keyboardist Bryan Ferry has also led a successful solo career as a suave, elegant "punk Sinatra" star. Roxy Music has inspired many successful bands of many styles (Duran Duran, ABC, INXS, and more), just like David Bowie has as well.
All of the albums put out by Roxy Music are excellent, but their final studio release "Avalon" (which has the hits Avalon, More Than This and more) is the ULTIMATE. It's much more relaxing and fun to listen to than most of this bland "adult contemporary" and "adult alternative" fodder you'll find on the radio. On a weekend retreat I'd put it on and the girls would sit, listen and be absorbed by it. Then they'd ask me what I was playing. On a date I'd play this album in my car stereo and my girlfriend would get in a peaceful, romantic mood. Get a copy of "Avalon" today. CHICKS REALLY DIG IT!
by Yankee Doodle Dawg August 06, 2007
quite simply, this is a term used to describe former Roxy Music frontman Bryan Ferry. His vocal crooning styles, his habit of wearing stylish clothes when he plays the piano, synthesizer, and occasionally guitar, his stylish, suave, sophisticated and elegant image that he shows in pictures, performance and video and the fact that Roxy Music inspired punk rock and New Wave leads to this designation. Today he pursues his solo career, sometimes covering artists that inspire him - like Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye and yes, Frank Sinatra. His sound is now generally the New Romantic and Eurodisco styles that Roxy Music laid the foundation for.
I heard Roxy Music on the radio and saw some of their videos (as well as Bryan Ferry solo)on MTV in the Eighties. In 1990 I had a buyer's card filled up with purchase punches which meant I could get a free album. The girl at the checkout said that the album I got (a Roxy best-of) was really good, and she said that Bryan Ferry is a "punk Sinatra". Man was she right! I've been a fan ever since.
by Yankee Doodle Dawg August 06, 2007

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