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1 definition by Yan I Nam Bah Won

A group of people that once roamed the lands once known as Spain. They were generally country folk and loved animals especially bulls. The men were known to rape bulls in a sex sport known as bull"fighting". The spanish were known for their cowardice...they were avid wife beaters and loved to torment and butcher innocent creatures.

The spanish women were known as the "sluts from down south". All had tribal markings (tattoos) and numerous piercings, especially in the facial region.

Spaniards were known as diego bastards and spicks.
Clint: Miguel is a spaniard?
Johnny: Yes, could you not tell by his stench and his homosexual tendencies?
Clint: once a spaniard always a diego bastard.
by Yan I Nam Bah Won April 14, 2011