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A city with a large percentage of lazy people, a culture of terrible public education, and BY FAR the worst streets in America...but at least the affluent neighborhoods have the same shitty streets as the poor! A city with an out-of-control crime rate and murders that occur all over the ciy (Central City, Uptown, Mid City, NO East, and all over the WestbanK) with many carjackings and drug-related/retaliation shootings. A city that was stupid enough to keep Ray Nagin in power...


The city with maybe the best food in the country, not just the upscale stuff but also the great corner-store food (see po-boys and red beans and rice). A city with a rich tradition of jazz music and festivals. A city that worships the Saints, which helps distract people from all of the problems in the city. A city with an extremely unique personality due to the architecture, food, and music that you won't find anywhere else.
New Orleans could be the greatest city in the country if the people would do more to confront the crime and education problems.
by Yakmeister Y October 18, 2010

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