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An anime freak who thinks she is emo when she's really a loser with to much time on her hands. She watches many anime's with the characters in alternative, emo, goth etc outfits and so she thinks she is emo.

She is either quite or loud and childish and is fat or ugly skinny. She looks at others like shes depressed and wears tight clothes that make her jelly rolls show. She will also wear black eyeliner (and do it wrong) and colorful cheap clothes that she got at Walmart or Clair's.

She has little friends and isnt even friends with real emo kids.
She might wear goth looking cosplay to school and have emo anime characters on her binder, phone, etc.

She is an annoying wannabe and even emo kids look down on her.

She is a disgrace to emo's and the cool anime freaks.
Anime Emo: last night i finished Death Note and got depressed and cut myself because L died.

Emo: You are obviously a wannabe. Gtfo and go to hell
by Xx--Snowy December 20, 2011

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