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Internet and text based acronym that can mean one of two things, depending upon the context in which it is used:

1. "Go to hell"
2. "Good to hear"
1. "Maths teacher said I was late with h/w - I told him to gth"
2. - "I'm doing really well thanks"

- "gth"
by XMaramena April 29, 2011
An extension of the popular internet and text messaging acronym 'lol', the difference being when the 'lol' is aimed at something, or someone, in particular, and not necessarily as a general amusement to the conversation.
Person 1: I got a bad mark at my maths mock yesterday. Didn't care - got a crap teacher anyway.
Person 2: Lol@Mr Garrison!
by xmaramena February 12, 2012
Slang term combining the spanish term 'loco', meaning crazy and the abbreviation 'mofo' meaning motherfucker. Locomofo can also be hyphenated, or presented as separate words. It can be used in both a positive, or negative manner in reference to someone, depending upon the context in which it's used.
"You see that guy there? Total locomofo!"
by xmaramena August 25, 2011

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