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The greatest metal band of all time. A NWOBHM band that has defined all metal we know today (excluding Nu-Metal). Iron Maiden (along with the also immortal Judas Priest , Thin Lizzy, and Motorhead) influenced every 80s and 90s thrash band (including Metallica, Slayer, Pantera, and most noticeably Iced Earth) and invented the Power Metal genre (even though technically IM is neither thrash metal nor power metal). Their best albums are the golden trio: Number of the Beast, Piece of Mind, and Powerslave. Their two new albums, Brave New World and Dance of Death, also kick fucking ass. Their best song, fuck it, THE BEST METAL SONG EVER MADE is Hallowed be Thy Name.
Iron Maiden is the beginning. Iron Maiden is the reason. Bruce Dickinson is the best singer. Dave Murray and Adrian Smith (and Janick too) are the best guitarists. Steve Harris is the all-time best songwriter and a damn good bassist, and Nicko McBrain is a fucking amazing drummer. Iron Maiden can't be fought.
by Wyatt b quiet March 12, 2004
A kickass band from Cleveland that sounds nothing like Slipknot even though they wear masks. Slipknot ripped off Mushroomhead's live act, but Mushroomhead is clearly the better band. Mudvayne is better than Slipknot too.
I went to the Mushroomhead concert in NYC and kicked the shit out of this fucktard in the moshpit.
by Wyatt b quiet November 24, 2003
To take a piss.
I gotta take an R. Kelly on my little cousin.
by Wyatt b quiet November 13, 2003
What R. Kelly loves to watch. And make.
R. Kelly made some Yellow Porn with 8 year old girls.
by Wyatt b quiet December 04, 2003
San-Franciscan for vagina.
San-Franciscans love buttsex.
by Wyatt b quiet December 04, 2003
My Grandma, my cousins who fuck each other, and my 13 year old cousin with a 15 year old son.
Wyatt's grandma is such a hick.
by Wyatt b quiet November 13, 2003
An amazing NEW metal band, not a nu metal band fronted by Chad Gray, the only new rock vocalist who acts like a rock vocalist should: Fucked in the head . They used to wear kickass makeup but they got rid of it do to the Slipknot (BOOO!!!!) comparisons. Their sound is all about frenzied, insane-sounding vocals with some crazyass bass lines and distorted guitars.
Mudvayne is the shit and Chad Gray belongs in a looney bin.
by Wyatt b quiet November 24, 2003
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