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1 definition by Wondaz

Raleigh Charter High, one of the hardest high schools in the country (#20 on US News). Admission by lottery, no tuition. Really, we're just 520 "wannabe-successful" middle class preps playing catchup with those rich Ravenscroft kids.

If you think we have no life, then that's partially true: Status revolves around the course-load; average is around 3 APs a year (destroyed the exams, as well: 85% 4s and 5s, 90% pass rate!). Quiz Bowl (1st in the Nation!), Science Olympiad (1st in the State, tied with those science nerds in Durham), Mock Trial, and Crew dominate the competitive scene.

Notable for not having a football team or homecomings (until this year).
"Thank god I didn't get into RCHS: They don't even have football. Or homecomings! And APs will be my only friend."

"Yeah, I know... Those junkies take like 5 APs and cut themselves." (Hehehe, freaked out one guy)
by Wondaz May 05, 2009