1 definition by Willsmithlover

Pikey known also as chavs tend to act like something there not and wear loads of bling bling around there neck and on their fingers they shout at people in the streets and drive about as if they r some one important most of them arent very well educated theirs are some chavs or pikeys who are just talk and no action. There are some people called chavs or pikeys as they talk like them they might not dress like them all the time.
oi u come ova here u been givin mi m8 ne lip i'll beat da shit in 2 ya if ya do it agen alrite m8. Ur such a minga ur girl friends a right slut(or slag is used aswell.) Theres so many tossers in this town. don't walk asway wen i'm tlkin 2 ya
by Willsmithlover March 29, 2005

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