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A person of non-african descent who aspires to become the imagine of the Rapper "Traphouse" culture. A trap fiend cannot understand that the way they dress and the way they act is slowly destroying the minds and souls of those around them, but to the trained psychologist Trapfiendery is an easily curable disease. Possible treatments include Hourly skin checks, and removal of the pathogens (1017 Br-SQ) or (1017 WkFkFl) from the patients environment, performed easily with constant application of Tim McGraw and Brad Paisley.
Patient "Does this hat make me look ghetto?"
Psychologist "That hat, Miss, is too big for your head"
Caring friend//family member "What do you think, Doctor?"
Psychologist "Well it appears this young woman has become a trap fiend."
by William Wilmington November 02, 2010

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