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3 definitions by William Bingham

Soon to be the greatest wide receiver in all the land.
Julio Jones stated, "I'm gonna stay where home at."
by William Bingham September 05, 2008
36 6
It's my opinion that many of these definitions are written by drunk individuals. Further, as I am now drunk while writing this, I believe that the drunken scholars have always had a place in world discourse.
My ex-wife wouldn't fuck me when drunk. (Ain't that ambiguous who is the horniest?) (Drunkest?) Further, who the fuck do you think is saddest that she started cheating on me in 2004? Cunt!
by William Bingham May 17, 2006
36 28
Widely regarded as the most talented member of the current administration, and two heartbeats away from the presidency. However, her lasting legacy as Secretary of State will undoubtedly be that she went shopping for Manolo Blahnik shoes while Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans---an act of singular callousness that eclipses Janet Reno's treatment of Waco, and the Elian Gonzalez affair.
Condoleeza rice may be the smartest person in any room, but her compassion and judgement are the objective correlative of W and the neocons!
by William Bingham June 17, 2007
59 82