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A Nickname To A Hardcore Stoner
1)I'm A Herbivore.
2)I Saw A Lot of Herbivores On 420.
by Will The Thrasher April 18, 2010
A Stringed Instument Like A Lute,Mandolin,Acoustic Guitar,Etc.
Thrasher: Is That A Grandpa Guitar?!?!!?
Non-Thrasher: A What?
Thrasher: A Grandpa Guitar-Acoustic Guitar!
Non-Thrasher: Oh Yeah Do You Dig It?
Thrasher: HELL NO!!!!!!1
by Will The Thrasher April 24, 2010
Just Like Soggy Waffle,EXCEPT! Soggy Waffle Is Like Four People WELL Drum Line Has A LOT Of People And With A Pizza It Makes It EXTREMELY NASTY!
Brad Lost the Drum Line Pizza Game On Purpose.So He Can Enjoy A "Delicious" Feast All On His Own.
by Will The Thrasher April 18, 2010

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