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5 definitions by WhiteNoise

The cunt of a hooker living on the streets.
I shouldn't have licked that sewage pussy.
by WhiteNoise March 06, 2008
A nicer way to tell someone their head is up their ass.
Tell that guy to remove his sphincter-necklace before coming into work from now on.
by WhiteNoise July 13, 2011
When you have gotten so messed up you just tip over and go face first into the ground without warning.
Noise was telling a great joke then the booze hit him and he did a total face-plant in the middle of the party like Peter from Family Guy!
by WhiteNoise August 20, 2011
A friend with a white working-class background, generally from a rural area owning large trucks and lots of guns.
I went out cow-tipping in the dually with some friendnecks late last night as an initiation to Southern Style living being a native of NY.
by WhiteNoise April 24, 2011
As in to keep a high profile. Being opportunistic while others lay in the shadows. Jumping anyway even after looking first. Excelling in all things referenced to business ventures, sex, and all things green.
Some lame ass cracker in the back room told me to stay shy but I'm gonna stay bold n fuck every bitch in the place. He can stay shy n fuck that Indian troll in the corner.
by WhiteNoise April 02, 2008