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Facial contortions of a bass player involving mouth twisting to the groove, chin dropping impossibly low, brow furrowing, a seemingly blank stare and a general unawareness of the condition. Also often accompanies Egyptian-style head gyrations.
Dude, have you ever seen your bass face?
by Whale Bone April 14, 2007
1. The conversational equivalent to the phenomenon of coastline measurements* - getting so bogged down in the details of something that explaining it becomes impossible.

* The closer one looks at a coastline, the longer it gets.

2. Getting repeatedly lost/tangential while speaking and never completing a thought or idea. Often the result of being high.
Cedric: It was last Tuesday; no I think Wednesday morning at 11:30, well, 11:40; no it was Tuesday because I was wearing my blue shirt-

Bored Colleague: Cedric, you're mapping the coast. Shut up or just tell me what happened.

Dude 1: So, have you thought about what I said last night?

Dude 2: Yeah, you spent 3 hours mapping the coast and I nearly died of boredom. I'm not getting high with you again.
by Whale Bone August 11, 2010
A group intervention with music and drinks.
Pat: Kyle, you need to share more emotions and feelings.

Kyle: Yes, Pat, I do. I'm angry that I can't find my beer. Oh wait, there it is. And so's my happiness. Hey, this scrutinanny isn't half bad.
by Whale Bone June 18, 2013

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