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The gut you often see sticking out from under a crop shirt worn by an overweight, filthy whore. It is often accompanied by an overly tacky belly button piercing.
Dude, check out that cum-guzzling whore standing in line over there, her slut gut is HUGE!
#gunt #hooch pooch #gut #fat apron #fat ass #fat bitch #fat whore
by Wes Nile October 18, 2007
A Southern way of saying something is real fucking hot.
Goddamnit, it's hotter than a pussy in a pepper patch in this room!!
#hot #hotter #pussy #pepper #fuck
by Wes Nile November 16, 2007
A southern way of saying that something is as hard as a rock.
Boy, these biscuits here at Cracker Barrel are harder than a wedding dick!
#hard #rock hard #dick #wedding #stiff
by Wes Nile November 05, 2007
Yet another Southern way to describe something as being extremely fucking hot.
Peggy Mae, turn down the fucking heat, it's hotter than a three balled tom cat in here!!!
#hot #hotter #cat #balls #fuck
by Wes Nile November 16, 2007
A big wad of snot, saliva, and other crud coughed or hacked up from one's throat/lungs. It is is typically spat onto the ground. The throat dumpling can be swallowed, but it is not recommended.
I just coughed up a big yellow throat dumpling and spit it onto the sidewalk.
#loogie #lung butter #loogey #spit #snot
by Wes Nile January 11, 2008
One of about two parts of a woman that are useful and interesting.
Check out the boobs on that girl. Fucking tops!
#tits #bra buddies #knockers #jugs #melons
by Wes Nile November 16, 2007
1. Middle Tennessee State University. A mediocre at best 4 year university in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

2. Many Teeth Stacked Up. Used to describe a redneck or piece of trash that has crooked, fucked up teeth.
MTSU is the biggest excuse for a college ever!

Look at that redneck bitch, she got MTSU!!!
#teeth #summer teeth #college #tennessee #buckteeth
by Wes Nile November 05, 2007
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