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Joesph Kony is a Ugandan military leader.

This dickhead is known for abducting children and making girls into sex slaves. And for boys, into child soldiers, forcing them to kill their own parents.

He has taken in more than 30000 children and has been getting away with it for 26 years now.

This idiot does this because he can and because he has the power to do so.

Look up the viral video "Kony 2012".

It shows how you can help this motherfucker end up in hell quicker with all his friends like Adolf Hitler, Osama, Kim Jong-Il, Pol Pot, and Joseph Stalin.

Look up "Kony 2012" on youtube now!
Dude#1: Joseph Kony is such a manwhore
Dude #2: I know eh, he had more than 60 wives, and has more than 40 children.
Dude #1: Maybe Kony's children should kill his own douchebag dad.
Dude #2: Fuck no, we get Kony and have blue whale penises shove up his ass and his mouth and make him drown in whale jizz and die.
Dude #1: Dude, that is cruel... Having innocent whales shove their dicks up some prick, and having their children suffer in the mouth of Kony.
by Water tastes good March 08, 2012

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