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A Waste person is a fat sonovabitch that joins the Canadian Army and gets a pussy job as a transport officer or as a stores man. They usually think they are tough, elite, hardcore and ultimate soldiers but they are useless tossers and complete assholes.

You can tell right away if someone in the Canadian Army is waste because they have at least two chins, they take a smoke break at least once per hour, their fatigues resemble a moo moo, they promote fat asses into positions of authority, they never show up for morning exercise, they take credit for all the work their subordinates do, they get their flunkies to install blinds and air conditioners in their offices, they golf during work hours at least once per week, they yell at people for petty things and they can always be found with a cup of Timmies in hand.
The Army Reserve is full of Waste people and Wasty Soldiers that do fuck all and waste our tax money.
by Wasty Warrior August 22, 2008

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