3 definitions by Walter Thornburgh

Rubbing Preparation H under your eyes to decrease bagginess temporarily.
Marla had a late night yesterday, so she gave herself a Detroit Face Lift this morning.
by Walter Thornburgh February 05, 2009
A person or action that can turn any erect penis flaccid.
Guy one: Dude, did you see that fat chick?
guy two: Yeah, she's a Woodkiller.
by Walter Thornburgh March 02, 2008
A portmanteau of Nub (n00b) and Nebula. It is a term used by online gamers or at LAN parties used to described the pile of defeated enemies created when a single player or team defeats a large number of foes.
My buddy and I were spawn camping on Halo Reach, and there must have been 15 bodies in the nubula we made.
by Walter Thornburgh January 13, 2011

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