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Manlove Thursday is the day when men (in particular, Local Nationals and TCNs) at Forward Operating Bases in Iraq freely engage in man-on-man action. Due to the Middle East "weekend" being Friday and Saturday, it is thought that the manlove is preferred on Thursday because it is their "Friday", and is a fun way to start to their "weekend". Further testament to this, ask any soldier who has been deployed in Iraq, and they will tell you that every Friday the Iraqis strangely smell very strongly of B.O. and butthole.
Soldier 1 - "Dude, it's quiet today.... where are all the Iraqis?"

Soldier 2 - "Oh, don't you know? It's Manlove Thursday. They're all at a bareback party down at Shisha Cafe, playing Dominos and hide the falafel."
by Vuntie April 06, 2011
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