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A male or female who exhibits the need or want to have sex with a seductive/sensual glace/stare with another male or female that they have made direct eye-contact with.

This can be performed in all instances, any location, any time of the year, any hour of the day/night, with anyone.

Results will vary.
-Can be laughed off
-Can be acted upon
-Can be eye-fucked back
-Can eye-fuck for a long or short period of time
-Can eye-fuck back the eye-fucker
-Can eye-fuck back the eye-fucker's friends
-Can be given the Evil-eye back
-Can be beaten
-Can be told off verbally
-Someone who the eye-fuck was not intended for, may think it was meant for them
I interviewed this really attractive young lady in my office today and we were both eye-fucking each other, to the point where I thought I would close my door and seriously fuck her hot body on my desk.

I just got eye fucked by that hot chick!
by Vramski Beats February 13, 2008
When both sides of your nutsack adheres to your inner-thigh.

Bat-wings are preventable by;
1. Washing your nutsack once in a while
2. Wearing tighty-whities or boxer briefs
3. Air cnditioning will stop the flow of heat and thus slow down the process of sweaty nuts.
When I wake up after a hot night/banging, I will typically wake up with bat-wings if I sleep in the buff or with loose boxers.

"Hey babe, wake up! Check this out! When I open my legs, it's like bat-wings!"
by Vramski Beats March 18, 2005
You've committed a lumpy corn filled stanky loaf, and there is no turning back.

P.S.A.-If you are touching-cotton, don't sit down unless it's on the Dumper!!
"It felt like an SBD (silent but deadly) and now I'm touching cotton- Woe is me"
by Vramski Beats March 09, 2004
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