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A fan character is a character that is made up by a fan of something such as a show , t.v, movie, ect. Another word for Fan Character is Oc meaning origanal character

Sometimes Fan Characters can be comlpetely made up by there creators or sometimes a picture from the media which is being fanned and simply re-colored most people do not condidered those fan characters because the lack of thought.

Sometimes when making a fan character most people make them Mary-Sues, or in male cases Gary-Stues these are characters who basically are ridiculously to powerful or perfect. Such as Blaze the cat who is not a fan character but she is a princess, has fire power, beutiful, time travel, powerful, has own set of emeralds, ect. Alot of times you will see that a fan characters are an item for an origanal character.
My fan character isn't just another re color on paint she is 100% original!

Your fan character is such a MarySue!
by Violet the hedgehog November 03, 2008

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