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Metal Heads are guys or girls who wear ripped jeans blue or black,sometimes denim vests,cowboy boots,have mainly long hair{sometimes moptops}and have some kind of band appear like hats,shirts,or hoddys.Theres not many of them but there definietly the coolest group of people around{exept for new metal heads}.They keep to them selfs most of the time but can cause a seen sometimes and say stupid stuff.Also there not the brightest group of people.
Good Metal:Iron Maiden,Black Sabbath,Metallica,Slayer,Mega Death,tool,and Life of agony{1993-1997}.Its what real metal heads listen to.
Gay metal:slipnot,all that crap on headbangers ball,and and Nirvanna
by Vinny I September 17, 2005

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