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1: While Hitting A Blunt, One Sets His/Her Lips Very Long On The Blunt And Wets The Sucking End With Saliva.

2: Drinking Someones Beverage Without Permission

3: Asking For Permission To Drink Out Of A Persons Beverage

4: Referenced Towards African Americans For Having "Big Lips"
1: Dam I Cant Hit This Blueberry Blunt, You Nigger Lipped It, Its All Wet And Nasty. Dammit

2: Dam Bro You Nigger Lipped My Mountain Dew

3: Yo! Can I Nigger Lip Your Roat Beer Float

4: You See The Lips On That Nigger? Looked Like He Could Watermelons Clean.
by Vince Brizaleta July 29, 2006
1: A Fat Individual Who Sits Around And Smokes Marijuana Out Of A Bong All Day. Then Eats Till He Passes Out.

2: A Lazy Individual

3: A Fat African American

4: Reference For A Persons Name

5: Munching Out When Stoned
1: Dam You Fat Nigger, Pass That Dam Bowl

2: Your Such A Fat Nigger, Pass Me That Bong

3: Dam See That Fat Nigger In The Cadi ?

4: You Call That Fat Nigger

5: Dam Two Boxes Of Pizza? What A Fat Nigger
by Vince Brizaleta July 29, 2006
1: A User Of Cocaine. One Who Will Do Anything For Cocaine. Even If It Means Preforming A Sexual Service.

2: One Who Works Very Hard.

3: Season 2 Episode 5 Stoner Division. Used By Cpl Cowboy Towards Sgt Joker For Using Cocaine. Later Pvt Wakka Was Nicknamed Boocher Ray After Snorting.

4: Nickname Used By (Paintball World Cup 2001 Miami) Captian Mickey B In An Interview With A Press Conference, In Reference To Stoner Divsion.
As A Drug Reference

Noun: You Boocher, That Was My Line
Verb: Booch It Up Already Niggah! Dam You Take Forever

As A Working Reference

Noun: Dam He Works Like A Boocher
Verb: Run To That Bowl Like A Boocher
by Vince Brizaleta July 29, 2006
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