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A scene kid is basically a wemo who wants to be a Hardcore kid
you'll know theres a scene kid near-by if there style is:
a baseball hat (which is fake) and you can tell its fake 'cuz iot has'nt got the stickers on the peak
they bum panic at the disco + fall out boy
they shop at rowfers
They call drop dead gorgeous 'HxC'
they've never been to a local gig in there life
you say bands like 'xAFBx' or 'Curse of atlantis' to the and they wont have a clue what your on about

scenelit 1: omg have you heard that new FOB song??
scenelit 2:yeh its amazee!!
*HxC person walks past*: pssh! you scene kids!
by Victoria for a cowboy October 08, 2007
Music gets confused with screemo/emo
the real harcore bands in clue.
norma jean= NOT HARDCORE!
Enter shikari= not hardcore
xAFBx= Hardcore
the boy will drown= Hardcore
Postmoretom promises= Hardcore
get the idea?!
by Victoria for a cowboy October 08, 2007

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