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A term used for a person who craves large quantities of phallus. Can also be used as a term for "a craving for phallus"
dude 1: "is that guy salavating over male porn?!?!"

dude 2:" he's such a smethurst"


"Man, i got this emptyness inside of me that can only mean one thing!!!...i got a huge smethurst!!!"
#smut #smetherst #smitty #smut hurst #smitie
by Varsity47 September 16, 2009
1. Inadiquit in every way, for the most part, a useless piece of sheetmetal.

2. A sex act where an african american male spreads his nut sack as far as he can, forming a wing. He then runs around flaping this wing and making bird like screeches.
"did you see that blackhawk? its pretty much a useless piece of garbage!!"


"My old lady wanted to spice up our love life, so i ran out of the bathroom and suprised her with the blackhawk!!"
#uh-60 #three peet #black hawk #crash hawk #lawn dart
by Varsity47 September 20, 2009
a sex act where your partner is face-up mouth breathing and you ejaculate in their mouth, whilst screaming at the top of your lungs "its part of a complete breakfast!!"
"dude! my old lady was sick all weekend, so this morning i gave her a Hot Breakfast!!"
#morning nutrition #breakfast in bed #breakfast #break fast #steamy curry
by Varsity47 September 16, 2009
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