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Is a sexy girlie girl but also knows how to get dirty, she often loves to work on cars, riding crotch rockets, and other various extreme sports. She loves her family and often times has high morals and extremely good values !
I wish I could find me a girl like Valene.
by Valene Marie May 02, 2008
Cruise Night in So*Cal is an amazing event that has alot of awsome American Cars and way too many little rice burners who think they are awsome but really everyone just laugh at those little imports ! Cruise Nights on average has about 400 cars there and is always held on Saturday. The coolest Mustang Car Club, WICKED Stangs is always there and representing to the fullest, they always have the hottest cars, the hottest girl, and everyone stops to stare and becomes wicked jealous of them !
Damn I wish I was cool enough for Cruise Night !
by Valene Marie May 02, 2008
It is home to the band Sublime !
And the Mesa is full of nice homes and rich people
"I live up on the Mesa in Hesperia,"
"Damn you must be rich"
by Valene Marie May 02, 2008
Plan and simple !!!
I bought an Integra and spent 5 grand more than the civic
by Valene Marie May 02, 2008
This often times is associated with a nasty, ugly, gressy scum sucking girl. She tweaks and does all kinds of drugs while she takes all the taxpayers money for all her ugly illegitimate kids. She is a total diseased infested slut and you must watch out whenever you hear her name. No good can come from this girl, shes a home wrecker that doesn't have an education and is quite disgusting.
"Look at that nasty Hooker"
"She's just like Fallon"
by Valene Marie May 02, 2008

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