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3 definitions by Vahe Katros

1: The feeling that registering a URL that ends with anything other than <dot><com> is a descent in rank or dignity.
2: A patronizing attitude or behavior towards entrepreneurs after being told of their web site address.
Edan: "This job sucks, I spent forever looking for a great domain name and then go down in flames at todays marketing meeting."
Sundeep: "I hate comdescension more than anything too, but do you seriously want our users to type dot info?

Jonathan: "I am really pumped-up about the business model behind Ahud's company!"
Vinod: "This is not comdescension on my part, its simply the truth! Ahud's dot net URL will taint his brand and kill his chances for raising seed money. End of story."
by Vahe Katros January 30, 2009
A portmanteau of Namaste and Mother Fucker conveying a feeling of contempt for behavior regarded as incongruent with the values relating to the practice of Yoga.

See Namastalker
Bret: What's up with that douche selling the Namaste Mofo tee shirts? I hear the name is even trademarked!
Sally: Just another Namastucker capitalizing on Karma.

Keith: What's up with that guys glare?
Bob: He's just a Namastucking Namastalker and I called him on it.
by Vahe Katros February 01, 2009
An irrational compulsion and disorder that manifests itself as an excess of pillows placed by the patient on bed’s, couches, and other rest areas.
Aleksey: Wow, I can barely see the top of your bed, how do you deal with that each night?
Walter: Pillowphilia is not a laughing matter, look at me, I get 2 hours of sleep a night thanks to that mess.
by Vahe Katros February 09, 2009