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2 definitions by V.S. Eliot

1. God.
2. Better than you.
3. Frontman of the Beatles.
4. Cuter than Paul.
John Lennon is better than you, and you, and you, and you... and oh, you too.
by V.S. Eliot March 12, 2005
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Gods of all music. Liked by anyone who appreciates ACTUAL music, like The Doors, The Who, or Bright Eyes. Thought adorable by everyone everywhere.

Many evil people who think shitty bands like Dashboard Confessional or -twitch- Linkin Park are wonderful seriously need to listen to Helter Skelter. Or Revolution 9.

The Beatles are bigger than sliced bread and will always be. They are referenced everywhere, and shall always be reknowned.
Dude 1: I love John Lennon!
Dude 2: I love Paul McCartney!
Dude 1: But you know John is better, right?
Dude 2: Actually, I --
Dude 3: -cough- Georgeisbetter. -cough-
Dude 1: John is better.
Dude 4: -listening to Yellowcard- BEATLES SUCK! BOO! BEATLES --

The rest of this small play was shredded by the FCC for excessive violence as Dudes 1, 2, and 3 gave up finding which Beatle was better and killed Dude 4. And then someone came along liking Ringo better and it all began again.
by V.S. Eliot March 12, 2005
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