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a word that means "of course". It is usually used by Middle Easterners or people who speak the Hebrew language.
Shalanda: Hey Mordechai wass good?! Hey you going to the disco this weekend?

Mordechai: Betach! It will be a blast, I can't wait! You tryin to get yo grooove on?!

Shalanda: Mhmmm, you know it Mordechai! Aight, that's wassup, see you there!
by Urish7 February 25, 2013
A combniation of being sick and lazy and not in the mood to being out and about or go outside of your home.
"Man, today I'm just feeling really slazy. I might just have to pop in a movie and chill at home."
by Urish7 February 20, 2013

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