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Your electronic Second Life.
Can be best described using examples:
Social Media can be best discribed as:

Facebook-I like doughnuts

Twitter-I'm eating #doughnuts

Instagram-Here is a polaroid-esce photo of doughnuts

Foursquare-This is where I eat doughnuts

Youtube-Here I am eating doughnuts

Myspace-Meet the Up-and-coming band, 'doghnuts'

Linkedin-My skills include doughnut eating

Pinterest-Here is a recipe for doughnuts

Last FM-Now listening to 'doughnuts'

Friendster-Lets play the game 'doughnuts'

eHarmony-Review: David Doughnuts, round, sweet

personality, loves Krispy Kreme

Formspring-What do you like about doughnuts?

Rate My Teacher.com-Helpfulness:5/5 Easiness: 5/5 Clarity: 5/5. OMG Mr Doughnut is sooo LOLs.

Zoosk-Can you see the doughnut?...hehehehe...

G+-I'm a google employee who eats doughnuts

tumblr-Explore tags: Fuckyeah! Doughnuts!

Academia.edu-What is 'The Perfect Doughnut'?

Badoo- buñuelo, دونات, beignet, donut, doughnut

Bebo-'The doughnuts here will never be as good as the ones on Facebook.'

*@Joe Public
In the Uk doughnuts are spelt this way.
In the US donuts are spelt this way.
by Urban Dictionary is not one February 06, 2012
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