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The act of killing another with a pair of scissors. This of course is not the only prerequisite, you must follow a precise set of steps to obtain a true Scissor Kill, Bitch.

1) Stick in the person, anywhere is fine.
3)Rotate 360 degrees while slowly opening the scissors.
4)Bust a nut in the wound.
5)Repeat until target is eliminated.
"Daddy, why does mommy have a pair of scissors stuck in her back."

"Scissor kill, bitch."

*Cries of a child*
by Unfrgvbl fo life December 11, 2007
Have you ever wondered why black people have white on the palms of their hands? Well friends, I have the answer! Back in the good old days, when us white folks could own black folks (niggers), they would pick cotton all day, thus holding in their palms. When the sun was high in the sky it turned their skin dark while leaving out the palms holding the cotton. There you have it children, the Cotton Ball Theory.
"Daddy, why do niggers have white on the palms of their hands?"

"Well son, its all explained in the Cotton Ball Theory, look it up, its in the Bible."
by Unfrgvbl fo life December 11, 2007
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