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(1) A professional assassin. (2) A minister of death, praying for war. (3) A population control specialist. (4) An indispensable element of the United States Foreign Policy. (5) The only reason for the existence of Marine helicopters. (6) A revered warrior who will go anywhere at any time and destroy whatever he is ordered to destroy -- as long as he is allowed to sing obscene songs, kick cats, drink, brawl, embellish war stories beyond recognition, and corrupt members of the opposite sex. (7) A member of the gungy group of misfits known as Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. (8) A warrior for whom all reading and writing test requirements have been waived and for whom "Ooo-rah!" is the proper response to any question from a superior.
The Marines are the world's premier fighting force.
by USMCBishop April 02, 2011

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