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Mt. Lebanon is a wannabe Upper St. Clair. (Just like the rest of the world) Mt. Lebanon is filled with look a likes and strive to be excatly like USC, but fail to do so. Maybe it is because they aren't as smart as USC, or either skanky slut girls that all are obese and have acne, their stereoid taking boys that act black, or their dirt poor community that cannot afford buses. Which is not a bad thing because they all need to lose weight any way. Mt. Lebanon has nothing on Upper St. Clair... but they think they do.
Mt. Lebanon boy= Yo bro where ya from

USC classy boy= I am from Upper St. Clair
Mt. Lebanon boy= Mann u guys gots it made fo real
USC classy boy= Yes we do.
by USC CLASSY girl May 27, 2009

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