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This is known as the Agonnian sorority. They are part of the Agonian civilization, which come from Agonia and live in the Agonian Mansion in Potsdam, NY. They love everything about themselves and the fellow Agonian girls in the culture. They love to party and mark arts and crafts for the fellow "AGO's". This canNot be confused with the common "EGO", which is a waffle company. They do not take this name well and will then socially destroy you by not talking to you anymore. All love to yell, drink, do the naughty, and make fun of other girls for no reason. Agonians are the most supreme civilization to walk this face of the earth (aka Potsdam), may soon go to war with the Cantonian's from Canton, who may or may not have stolen their anchor. Pdam lax 4 life.
This really is a sorority in Potsdam, NY, that is recognized by SUNY Potsdam. If you know anyone in AGO, then you will understand
Girl 1:- "Down at the AGONIAN MANSHION TONIGHT!!!!"

Girl 2:-"yes!!!! i love my Alpha Kappa Phi sisters"
Guy 1: -" dude the Agonians are raging tonight, watch out"

Ago 1: Did you see that way that girl was walking
Ago 2: Ugh totally beotch, she is def not getting a bid this year
Ago 3: Lets get drunk high and make out with each other
All Ago's : YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!
by UCLA Lax 99 March 28, 2010

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