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2 definitions by TweekTard

A hip hop band consisting of four Jews - MCA, Adrock, Mike D and Mixmaster Mike.
Mixmaster Mike is not usually credited as being part of the band as he has not been with them throughout their whole hsitroy, but he has proven to be an intergral part of the Beastie Boys in recent albums.
Their first hit, Licensed To Ill, was released in 1984 and shot them to stardom.
They are evry fond of their hometown of New York.
Some people dislike the Beastie Boys because they use elements of rock in their songs, however it should be noted that the majority of Beastie Boys tracks are hip hop.
Many other people are too young and stupid to know that the beastie Boys were around long before their album 'To The 5 Boroughs' and generally pass them off as wannabee rappers in the same vein as Eminem. These people are stupid arseholes.
Guy 1: Hey man, what you listening to?
Guy 2: Just some Beastie boys, bro
Guy 1: Beastie Boys? Those wannabee fags?
Guy 2: Suck a dick, punk!
by TweekTard November 02, 2007
Emo is a subculture that originated from goth, which itself originated from punk.
Bluntly put, Emos are Goths on estrogen.
The subculture revolves around self-deprecation, which is the result of serious depression. Most emos are 'posers' that do not actually have any mental conditions.
The whole emo subculture has been a commercial creation since it's inception, with all emo bands and clothing made by corporations worth millions. This contrasts with the original mentalities behind punk, emos father of sorts. The attitude of emo also greatly contrasts with the gothic mentality, the direct father of emo.
Emo music runs true to the emo spirit, with 'cry-baby' lyrics. The music is generally similar to the pop-punk movement of the 90's.
Some diehard emos try to find some credibility with the subculture, but they all fail miserably. Emo is something of a laughing stock within the alternative music community, alongside other overrated fads such as sXe (Straight Edge).
Emo is slowly losing popularity as the new MySpace, FaceBook and liveJournal fad 'Scene' is creeping in.

WARNING: If you intend to emo it up, slice up, not across. Actually, if you are Emo, SLICE ACROSS! Do us all a favour.
Tweek: Hey Ricky, what's up?
Ricky: Go away, I'm cutting.
Tweek: What?! Why?
Ricky: Because I got called an emo today, and I'm totally misunderstood.
Tweek: Fuck you, stupid bitch Emo!
Ricky: I'm not an Emo! -cries and slices-
by TweekTard June 03, 2007