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6 definitions by Tristan_S

Term originated in the UK and came to prominence in the 1960's, initially to describe a pimp. In Spanish it means "prince" and could have either been referring to the fancy, over-the-top clothing and jewelry popular with pimps, or because he was surrounded by a harem of women, involved in the underworld, but usually not the actual "king" of the area (he had to pay tribute to use the block or neighborhood).

Now it is generally used to refer to someone (usually a male) who dresses in nicer clothing and acts in a polished fashion; often interchangable with fag or pussy, but not necessarily as derogatory: a ponce is not necessarily homosexual, nor are they necessarily passive or weak, but they would tend to be thought of as metrosexual or gay in their manner of dress.

In the US it also takes a bit of a tone for a poser or wannabe, primarily in the punk, ska, or artsy scenes.
1960's BRITISH:
JACK: Oi, I need to find me a classy bird for the night.
TOM: Go talk to that ponce Tony. He got some nice girls, by the hour, they are.
JACK: Tony's a ponce, is that right? I though he just had some sort of magic with the ladies.
TOM: Fuckin' prat, you are.


NIGEL: I can't believe I got curry on me new Pradas! I just paid five hundred quid for em!
ANDY: Haha, you fuckin' ponce, that's what you get.
NIGEL: Fuck you, you fookin' chav, at least me Burberry's real.
ANDY: Right. You're still a ponce.

DAVE: Hey man, wanna come into the woods with us and blaze?
FRED: No thanks, dude. I've got a date tonight and I don't wanna get my jeans dirty or sound like a retard when I'm talking to her.
DAVE: Quit being a fucking ponce and come on, man. This shit's good.
FRED: Alright, fine.

"Tim is a ponce; he thinks that Blink 182 is punk."
by Tristan_S December 26, 2006
A term used to describe a stereotype of Asian women found in literature and film from the late 19th to the mid-20th century. A "dragon lady" was a woman of Asian heritage who was thought of as being sexually powerful and generally of a cunning, underhanded, conniving nature, who would use her beauty and sexuality to get what she wanted. Often accompanied in fiction with an opium pipe, jade jewelry, and wearing a Chinese dress, usually with dragons on it. They were usually depicted as snide, assertive, aggressive, sneaky and explosive in temperament.

The term is now generally used as a descriptive in a negative context, often to describe a non-Asian's misconception of Asian women. It is also used to describe a manipulative Asian woman, though this is less common.
"I went to an opium den when I was on shore leave back during the war, and this dragon lady got me smoked up, fucked the hell out of me... and then I woke up with my wallet and clothes gone."


"I may be an Asian woman, but I'm not a dragon lady. I have a job and support myself."

"Tom is just an idiot who thinks if he dates an Asian, she'll be some sort of tantric dragon lady who'll have all sorts of spooky Eastern sex secrets."
by Tristan_S December 26, 2006
"Half" in the Hawaiian language. Originally used to describe someone who was half-Hawaiian but came to more prominently refer to someone who's half-Asian or Pacific Islander. Increasingly used to describe people who are of any racial mix, but this is still generally misunderstood as referring to a half-Asian; also, increasingly used to describe people who are of a partial Asian ancestry, e.g three quarters non-Asian, one quarter Asian. However, the term is fairly recent, and many hapas would not necessarily know that you are referring to them if you were to describe them as hapa.

Some hapas have tried to claim that the use of the term is equivilant to nigga in the black community, i.e. that one hapa can refer to another as hapa and it is good, but a non-hapa cannot, and it would be insulting. Most other hapas think these people are retards and are just happy to have something that isn't as patronizing as halfie or halvsie and easier to say than half-Chinese/Japanese/Korean/whatever.
"If Magnus Karlsson and Yuki Fujiwara have a kid together, it'll be hapa."

"My dad is Chinese and my mom is black, and so I'm hapa."

"Did you know that Karen is a hapa? I had no idea, but I guess I can see it now."
by Tristan_S December 26, 2006
A fourth generation VW/Audi chassis that makes the basis for the 1999-2005 Jetta, Golf, and Beetle; also, makes the basis for the Audi TT and first generation Audi A3/S3. A4 is the chassis code for the fourth generation of the "A" type of VWAG's cars.

Usually used among VW fans to differentiate different generations of the Golf and Jetta. A4's were thought of as pretty cool to the masses, but VW fanboys who can't afford them decry them for being too heavy, even though they were faster than previous generation VW's.

This can be really confusing; the Audi A4 is built on a B5 chassis (the same as the 1998-2005 Passat).

Also referred to as a Mk4.
"I had an A3 Jetta but traded it for an A4 GTI."

"He had an A4 GTI and I was like 'how do you like that A4?' and he was like 'uh, I have a GTI, not an Audi' and I was liek OMG WTF u r lyke SUCH A RETARD you don't even know wot a A4 is???? hahahahaha I'm so l33t"
by Tristan_S December 26, 2006
Originating from the title of a song by Boston psychopath/frontman GG Allin that was, in fact, actually about being last in line for a gang bang. The term is somewhat uncommon, but occasionally used by people in the New England hardcore and punk scenes, where it refers to someone who is late to a trend (or late to drop it), unaware of big news or changes, or generally clueless. It can be used against oneself or a friend in a comically self-depricating fashion, or against someone as an insult.
"What? You guys are gonna meet at O'Malley's in fifteen minutes? Fuck, I had no idea... I'm always last in line for the gang bang."

"No one told you that the show was cancelled? Shit, dude, you're always last in line for the gang bang, I swear."

"Of course you're still wearing a Papa Roach shirt. You're always last in line for the gang bang, you retard."
by Tristan_S December 26, 2006
English (UK) slang for "worth." Comes from dropping the "th" at the end and instead pronouncing it as an "f."
MARK: That's the most poncey fuckin' jacket I seen in donkey's years.
NIGEL: What's that? I'll fuck you up you fuckin' tosser!
TED: Nigel, just leave it mate! It's not werf it, there's Old Bill all over the gaff!
by Tristan_S December 26, 2006