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The period in the WWE (back then WWF) that took place between 1997 to 2003. A so-called Attitude Era that made WWE what it is today.

You can argue a lot about the bloodshed, graphic violence, profanity, 18+, nudity, sexual theme or content, hardcore wrestling, some of the best matches in the WWE history came through this period of time, this period of time that witnessed the evolution of Rocky Maivia to The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson...witnessed the birth of a loudmouth trash-talking legend Stone Cold Steve Austin who became the face of the company...and let's not forget, birth of the evil boss Mr McMahon. We have seen the best tag-team division The Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz , Edge n Christian, APA & New Age Outlaw.

This era built the road to success for so called World Wrestling Entartainment/Federation and this is the best goddamn Era every older fans love, including me. Attitude Era will always remain in the heart of wrestling fans and the stars that emerged during this era, the legends, the future hall of famers will always be remembered as the true entertainer and a wrestler unlike today's era .....who can forget the first time Stone Cold stunned Vince? or a birth of Austin 3:16? or Rock throws Austin off the bridge? or inferno match between Kane and Undertaker? Ahh lot of memories.

I just felt that fans of today shouldn't forget this era's contribution in the development and in the legacy of WWE........So far away it seems to be now, it's past but a sweet past.
We went from Hulkamania Era to Attitude Era and now we have PG Era featuring John Cena & Randy Orton. Booooooooooooooooooo!
by Travis1990 January 06, 2012
The best decade for black people in America. This is when their uprising had occured. Blacks going into White schools for the first time, and jobs aswell They even went on to become police officers, firemen, tv/movie stars, lawyers & comedians for the first time.

The 1970s was also when Hip-Hop music, first ever Betamax, VHS player, pong (1st video game), and cassette tapes were invented.
Sanford and Son was the first TV Show that had only black cast. It became the number one black sitcom in the 70s for black viewers
by Travis1990 January 28, 2012
a phrase in response when someone is being rude or coming off as impolite

rude person: you need to scoot over

me: don't get smart with me

rude person: what's your problem

me: that's not how you ask
by Travis1990 May 23, 2011
A kick-ass movie where America becomes a crime-free country for one night and everyone have the freedom to do anything they want without the consequences, from shooting to stabbing to stealing. You know, Grand Theft Auto-type shit.
Friend: 'Have you seen The Purge?'

Me: 'Oh you mean that movie version of Grand Theft Auto? Hell Yeah!!
Friend: What if The Purge was real?
Me: If it was real, I would kill a man and fuck his wife right in the pussy!
by Travis1990 December 21, 2014
A lesbian version of Adam and Eve.
If only Adam was a chick and became 'Madam', then it would be Madam and Eve.
by Travis1990 November 23, 2013
A new term for urbandictionary editors (noobs) that rejects every definitions just because they think it's stupid or doesn't understand the meaning of any words or phrases. The editors edit urbandictionary.com can kiss my ass.
I just received a verification e-mail from Urbandictionary and it said that it "was not published". Fuck the editors!
by Travis1990 December 21, 2014
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