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pussy tightening cream. it is the cream that women who have loose worn out twats with no elasticity use in order to fool their man into believing he is getting some tight-as-a-virgin snatch. this stuff works like a charm if your man has an average to less than average size penis. if his dick is too big, only let him stroke you for like 30-45 seconds. because if he bangs you longer than that, his big dick will penetrate beyond where your walls used to be and your gig is up!!
girl i have six kids. but just before i make love i use this shrink cream to tighten it up.

damn baby, you aint tight like you used to be. here, use this shrink cream.
by trainhead August 06, 2011
the final part of a brazilian wax. it is the act of getting hairs waxed out of the crack of your butt. sometimes they make you get on your knees and spread your cheeks apart. other times you can just roll over on your stomach.
me: ahhhh, that wasn't so bad.
waxing tech: now turn over (smack) up on your knees honey.
me: why?...
waxing tech: cha cha cha
me: gulp
by trainhead August 19, 2011
Another word for fucking and or to fuck.
"Shani is in the trailer park hoonching down with every white boy she can find".
by Trainhead October 09, 2009

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