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Ok, for the last and final time, this is the ONE true definition of Anarchy.

There is no gouvernment and people work together with no ruling class to share the benifits of each other's labor and to live in a way that you see fit which is not supressed by any form of gouvernment. Anarchy is not Avril. It is not a trend or fad. It is a form of gouvernment that could work.

Anarchy = chaos is NOT true and is a COMPLETE misinterperetation.

Anarchy is a society where people work together without being told what to do. there would not be killing or chaos, because you can just throw out -or execute- those certain people. People would not band together to form another gouvernment like some poser/preps believe. If they tried that, the society would ignore them and it would be unsuccessful. All you posers out there that believe that Anarchy is chaos will be the first to be eliminated from society.
Anarchy does not mean "crimes," because how can there be "crimes" if there is no gouvernment to define what a "crime" is?!?!
by Toxik Antidote December 25, 2005

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