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Basicly the bitch of the cheerleading operation. They are usually spotted wearing the school colors, ribbons in their hair, and a simple jacket. To them everyday is cheerleading day, and it's not just a hobby it's a way of life. Cheerleading captains can either be smart academic wise or just a plain dumb slut. The area you reside in determines how trashy, slutty, smart, or determined these girls are. They rule with an iron fist during pratices in gym, and if you don't follow their lead they were surely make your life a living hell by either spreading false rumors about you ("OMG Becky is such a slut. She gave it hard to Mitch on the football team.") or ignoring your ass to the point of insanity.
Come on now cheerleading captains, be reasonable. What can you do with your life if all you do is cheerlead and talk shit?
by Tory the Deadsy Fan April 08, 2007

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