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2 definitions by Tommy Gatewood

Bro's + Fantastic = Brotastic!
Head Bro: Hey man, all the bro's are getting together to watch Dane Cook and play game cube, wanna join?!

Odd Bro out: Yeah man, sounds Brotastic!!
by Tommy Gatewood October 21, 2009
A brose is a rose you give to your best bro.
Usually given on a bro date to show your affection to your best bro.

The plural form would be Broses.
Bro: Hey...bro, wanna go to dinner at this sick restraunt i just heard of, and then catch a movie after?

Best Bro: Yeah for sure bro! Sound brotastic!

Bro: Alright bro, Im gonna stop by the florist and pick up some Broses for my best bro!
by Tommy Gatewood October 21, 2009