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1) ignorant bitch that scratches her twat everyday and gets herpes and the tips of her fingers. also is a "homie-hopper".

2) a lying whore

3) smelly and swollen vagina

4) an old vagina that smells like 2 monkeys had sex on top of a dead body and didnt take a bath for 3 months while rolling in garbage that is filled with horse feces.

5) bitch who likes to put on a strap on and fuck guys in a conga line. She likes to spread herpes to all men possible. She will stick a finger in your ass and make you cum like a fucking VOLCANO! BOOM BITCHES!!!!
1) that swuzzie stuck it in my ass and i came like a fucking volcano!!

2) that chicks got a SWUZZIE!!!
by Tito Lambinaso September 25, 2010

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