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Small cramped amusement park in east Pa. The ratio of niggers to pure American white men is 3 to 1. It is very bad. The ratio of dumb spics to white men is even worse: 7 to 1. Most of them like to hang out in Wildwater Kingdom, 90 percent of them are wearing white beaters since the park is located in Allentown, and the people that go there mostly live close by, none can afford anything. One small hot dog is 4 dollers inside the park. The only alternative is running across the dangerous highway to a mcdonalds. The workers have no idea what they are doing. Its overpriced and has cheap entertainment.
Jake: Yo im bored today
Cory: Same
Jake: Yooo! Dorney park is open!!
Cory: da fuck?
Jake: We should goo
Cory: Whats it like?
Jake: Its got like rollercoasters, and some rides, and stuff.
Cory: Is it fun?
Jake: Its mostly niggers and spics with there four year old kids who yell and scream and who dont know how to wait in line for shit, and who wear hand-me-down shorts that are 6 sizes to big for them, and who smell bad. Butt yeaa.
Cory: what? didnt hear yea. But sure lets do it.
by Thepoop March 05, 2011

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